Company Delivers More Than 100,000 Condoms to Campaigns; Encouraging Distribution in Support of Comprehensive Sexual Education

BOSTON, MA – August 12, 2008 – In response to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control regarding a sharp increase in HIV infection rates in the United States, One® Condoms has issued a bold challenge to Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain.

On Thursday, August 14, campaign headquarters for each candidate will receive 56,300 condoms, one for each person estimated by the CDC to become infected with HIV/AIDS this year. In personalized letters to Senators Obama and McCain, the candidates are encouraged to donate the condoms to non-profits or health centers in the U.S. The candidates are also asked to include support for comprehensive education programs into their campaign platforms.

“The current administration’s policies regarding sexual health education have fractured efforts to provide a cohesive, structured and successful HIV/AIDS prevention program. Promoting abstinence at the expense of condom use has forced many state governments and non-profit organizations to go it alone when it comes to combating sexually-transmitted diseases,” says One® Condoms spokesperson Jared Fennelly. “America needs a leader who will bring all parties to the table and put forth a plan to create a national dialog regarding HIV/AIDS. We want to hear from both candidates whether condoms will have a fair place in that discussion.”

Barack Obama announced his candidacy on February 2, 2007 – based on CDC projections, 84,200 Americans since that date have been infected with HIV/AIDS.  John McCain announced his candidacy on March 1, 2007 and since that time an estimated 81,289 new transmissions of HIV/AIDS have occurred. 

Since the CDC report, both candidates have released statements regarding the fight against HIV/AIDS, though neither specifically mentioned condoms or condom education.

“In 1987, C. Everett Koop stated that ‘a condom can save your life.’ Politics and policies may change, but that reality hasn’t. Comprehensive education, which includes accurate information about consistent and correct condom use, is essential to preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS,” says Fennelly.

About ONE® Condoms

One® Condoms is committed to the safety, education and preservation of the communities in which our customers, partners and employees live. This commitment reflects a company-wide dedication to creating innovative products and programs that substantially decrease barriers to the adoption of safer sex practices, including the use of condoms.

One® Condoms strives to preserve the health of our communities by donating 5% of product sales in support of organizations that educate consumers on matters of health and empower the public to share their knowledge with others. The Company welcomes and supports a wide variety of partner organizations, and encourages the development of programs that speak to the diversity of their clients. One®  Condoms also seeks to develop innovative educational tools and social strategies that motive individuals to engage their families, partners and peers in informed conversations about sexual health.